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Thursday, 2 July 2015

"The Moloch Loch Monster" Special #3


Special#3: "The Moloch Loch Monster"

Barnaby and Loaker try to find the mythical Loch Monster of Moloch Falls.  

Notes and References:

This is the third of the final six special issues of Barnaby and Loaker.

The Moloch Loch Monster was previously mentioned in issue#55: "Barnaby and Loaker Meet Molochstein". Barnaby dismisses the creature as a fiction while chatting to another Moloch myth, the troll-like Molochstein. This issue shows that the monster is actually real although Barnaby and Loaker remain unaware of it's existence.

The monster is based on the Loch Ness Monster, a legendary cryptid that inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

The Moloch Loch has previously been seen in the background next to the twin peak mountains- Mount Moloculus and Mount Steinnus in issue#104: "Barnaby and Loaker" and isue#99: "Loaker In The Sky" as well as many others. This is the first issue that features the loch close up.

A Loch is the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word for a lake and a sea inlet.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

"A Marriage in Moloch Falls" Special #2


Special#2: "A Marriage in Moloch Falls"

Beauregarde gets married....?! 

Notes and Reference:

This is the second of six final specials of the weekly webcomic.

Beauregarde gets married in this special issue. There have been no hints in the main comics that he was even dating anyone. This suggests that it was a quick arrangement and one that Beauregarde is not entirely confident about given his nervous appearance and disabelief.

Feigenbaum serves as Beauregarde's best man. Feigenbaum wears a blue bow tie, this symbolises that he is Loaker's Pooka because Loaker, himself, is blue in colour. He has previous done something similar with a blue scarf in issue#26: "Barnaby and the Blizzard" and issue#77: "Moloch Fallings".

This is the first time Beaurgarde has been seen in his military uniform. He has previously been seen wearing it in photographs in issue#101: "Beauregarde: War Journal".

Feigenbaum wears a suit for the first time in the series.

 The weddings guests that can be seen in the final panel include---

1. Some Mole-Men who last appeared issue#96: "Who Will Buy This Wonderful Mole?".

2. Feigenbaum's Nephew Zero who last appeared in issue#80: "The Snow Pooka".

3. Beauregarde's extended family. He previously mentioned that he had twelve brothers who "are all idiots" in issue#73: "The Family Feigenbaum".

Beauregarde last appeared in issue#104: "Barnaby and Loaker" as a background character. Feigenbaum last appeared in issue#103: "My Friend, Feigenbaum...". The two characters befriended each other in issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde".

Thursday, 18 June 2015

"That Awful Ammon Hills Gang" Special #1


Special#1: "That Awful Ammon Hills Gang"

Nobody has friends like Barnaby has.....right?  

Notes and References:

This is the first of the final six special issues of Barnaby and Loaker.

The first specials issue deals with the idea that several people could be having the same thought or doing the exact same thing as you are doing in a different part of the world. As special and different the characters of Moloch Falls are, This issue shows that they may not be as unique as they appear.

The viewer finally gets to see a glipse at the town of Ammon Hills, a rival neighbouring town of Moloch Falls. Ammon Hills has been mentioned in such issues as issue#60: "The Pooka's Nephew" and issue#97: "Gremlins in Space". Feigenbaum's extended brother Marlow and his nephew Zero live in Ammon Hills.

Barnaby and Loaker's friends Bancroft, Kathy Dudbert and Emily all appear in this issue. They last appeared in issue#102: "The Gremlin Who Knew Too Much".

The Ammon Hills counterparts are different from the evil Doppelgangers who last appeared as a group in issue#76: "Crisis on Mixed Up Earth...Again". The counterparts in this special issue are just similar to our Moloch Falls characters.

Barnaby has had several counterparts/Barnaby-esque characters including school bully Aldbug Lobings, His evil doppelganger Bartleby Banks, Kathy's ex-boyfriend Barney and the greeny blue character who appears in the final panel of this issue.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

"Barnaby and Loaker"


Issue#104: "Barnaby and Loaker"

In the final main issue of the series, Barnaby and Loaker have a heart to heart discussion.  

Notes and References:

This is the 104th issue of Barnaby and Loaker and it is also the final main issue. This issue is the two year anniversary of the webcomic, which means I've been drawing the gremlins every week for two years straight. Barnaby and Loaker will feature in six special issues coming out every week after this issue. These six issues will round up the webcomic completely for all the characters.

This issue deals with Barnaby's insecurities over his gremlin heritage and how isolated he feels in Moloch Falls. This is a theme that has been current in the vast majority of Barnaby storylines. Loaker gives his own unique insight and helps Barnaby to view their situation differently. Loaker has always been less concerned over his status as Gremlin, this was previously thought as being down to Loaker being a little crazy or unaware. This issue suggests otherwise.

This issue sums up most of the main themes of Barnaby and Loaker which are- feeling like an outsider, the trials and tribulations of growing up and Brotherhood.

In issue#1: "Special Like Loaker", Mrs. Banks reassures Barnaby that he is a "very special boy" while also dismissing Loaker as being a "different kind of special". Barnaby harks back to this by repeating his mother's throw away line as a compliment to Loaker in this issue.

Barnaby and Loaker are sitting on the same hillside seen in issue#43: "Gremlins in the Moonlight" and Issue#13: "Of Barnaby and Loaker".

Both Beauregarde and Molochstein appear in the background on this issue. Beauregarde (last seen in Issue#101: "Beauregarde: War Journal") can be seen behind the bushes. Molochstein (last seen in Issue#79: "Merry Monsters") can be seen in the distance on the mountain side.

Kathy Dudbert's Love heart carving can be seen on the side of the tree as well.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

"My Friend, Feigenbaum..."


Issue#103: My Friend, Feigenbaum...

Loaker worries about about growing up. Feigenbaum explains that he'll always be there for Loaker.  

Notes and References:

This issue is all about Loaker realising that one day he'll grow up and everything will change, specifically his friendship with Feigenbaum who is imaginary. It is also about Loaker maturing slightly and acknowledging that everything is temporary to some degree- things change, people grow up and apart etc.

Feigenbaum reassures his friend by suggesting that Pookas are different from other imaginary friends and that he'll stay with Loaker forever or for as long as he can. There is a panel in the strip where Feigenbaum looks as worried as Loaker is but he puts his fears to one side and comforts his friend.  I think what Feigenbaum means by this is that even if Loaker can't physically see him, He'll still remember him somehow.

The title of this issue comes from an idea that I had for a children's book about a man revisiting his childhood home and remembering his old imaginary friend. I may still make this book but for now it seemed appropriate to lend it to the comic strip.

In the final panel of this issue, Feigenbaum suggests that they flood Loaker's house and chew up Mr. Banks' best suits, This is the exact same thing that Feigenbaum urges Loaker to do in Issue#5: "Loaker And His Pooka".

Thursday, 28 May 2015

"The Gremlin Who Knew Too Much"


Issue#102: "The Gremlin Who Knew Too Much"

Barnaby shows off at school...  

Notes and References:

The title of this issue comes from the 1934 Alfred Hitchcock film "The Man Who Knew Too Much". The film tells the story of an American couple on vacation who accidentally get involved in an assassination plot which leads to the abduction of their child. The couple must find a way to rescue their kidnapped child. The film was remade by Alfred Hitchcock in 1956 and starred James Stewart and Doris Day.

This issue sees the return of school teacher Mr. Alighieri who last appeared as a zombie in #Issue#76: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths...Again". All the child characters also appear in this issue including Barnaby and Loaker Banks, Kathy Dudbert, Emily Hair, Bancroft, Aldbug Lobings, Cecil Lobings and even Big Kenny who last appeared in Issue#7: "Hide, Seek and Barnaby!".

Barnaby mentions several key historical events and figures in Moloch Falls. This includes- the Fall of Moloch (seen in Issue#64: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths"), a noble knight named Sir Barnabus the Red (a knight that Barnaby may be named after) and an earthquake that occured in 1986. Barnaby is also about to mention a famous inventor that lived in Moloch Falls but Mr. Alighieri interrupts him.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

"Beauregarde: War Journal"

Issue#101: Beauregarde: War Journal

Beauregarde has a flashback to his time in the Hill Top Army....

Notes and References:

The title of this issue comes from the Marvel Comics series The Punisher War Journal, a comic book series which began in 1988. The comics featured the solo adventures of former Marine turned vigilante Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher.

This issue brings up Beauregarde's time in the Hill Top Army, This had previously been alluded to in in his very first appearance in issue#37: "Barnaby and Beauregarde". The grumpy bunny was a commander in the army and moved to Moloch Falls after several wars.

In this issue we finally get a small flashback to Beauregarde's Hill Top wars.

We previously saw Beauregarde's underground home in issue#42: "Beauregarde VS The Mole-Men" and in issue#81: "Beauregarde's Booze Blues". However this is the first time that we are invited to see his medals and photographs.

Feigenbaum has to squeeze and bend himself down due to his size despite being imaginary.

Feigenbaum and Beauregarde first became friends in issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde".

Beauregarde last appeared in issue#98: "Ground Control to Barnaby Banks". Feigenbaum last appeared in issue#99: "Loaker In The Sky".