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Thursday, 11 September 2014

"When A Good Dudbert Goes To War"

Issue#65: "When A Good Dudbert Goes To War"

Kathy Dudbert's Dumpling business runs into trouble....  

Notes and References: 

Kathy Dudbert started her dumpling business "Dudbert Dumplings" in issue#61: "Pookananny Hootenanny" during Nephew Zero's Welcome Party. This issue shows that a large unfeeling dumpling corporation has opened up in Moloch Falls.

The header of this issue is reminiscent of the original Barnaby and Loaker site header where Barnaby and Loaker sit at a desk.

This is the first time Barnaby and Kathy have been seen together as friends since the Doppelganger Saga where the evil Bartleby angrily rejected Kathy who she believed to be Barnaby.

The title of this strip "When A Good Dudbert Goes To War" is taken from the Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War" directed by Peter Hoar, Written by Steven Moffat and starring Matt Smith. I originally thought the title came from an old saying but I could find no evidence of this.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

"Crisis On Mixed Up Earths"

Issue#64: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths"

The evil Bartleby and the rest of the Moloch Six attempt to travel to the main universe...  

Notes and References:

The Moloch Six- Bartleby, Lord. Loaker, Daphnie Kuthbert, The Other, Bizarrecroft and Hairbot#4000- last appeared in issue#51: "The Moloch Six". They are the evil counterparts to the main characters of the comic strip.

When we last saw them, Lord.Loaker and Bartleby were plotting to travel to the main universe so they could destroy it. This issue sees the team's first attempt at this. The evil counterparts successfully manage to travel to the main universe using Hairbot#4000's multidimensional transporter. However their timing is a little off, Having arrived during the age of Moloch, Centuries before the town would be known as Moloch Falls

Moloch is a large gremlin like creature whose death helped create what would become the town known as Moloch Falls. The character's history was previously hinted at in issue#31: "The Further Desolation of Moloch by Loaker Banks". Until now the reader has been unaware of what caused Moloch to "fall", In this issue we can see small Barnaby like creatures attacking Moloch. The group manage to teleport away before witnessing the fall of Moloch by these creatures.

Both Moloch and the creatures attacking him are purposely meant to resemble Barnaby and Loaker.

This issue features the death of one of the Moloch Six members when Moloch inadvertently stands on Bizarrecroft.

The title of this issue is a reference to "Crisis on Infinite Earths", A 1985 DC Comics crossover which deals with the destruction of the multiverse in the DC Universe and depicted the deaths of Supergirl and The Flash. It is one of the most important events within DC Comics history as it re-established some of the comic books continuity.

The Moloch Six (Now the Moloch Five) may return later in the year....

Friday, 29 August 2014

"Beauregarde, Be Proud"

Special Issue: "Beauregarde, Be Proud"

Beauregarde the grumpy bunny does his part for charity...

Notes and References:

This issue was created to further highlight the work of charities involved with Motor Neurone Disease and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

People around the globe are taking part in "The Ice Bucket Challenge" and donating generously so I thought one of my characters should do the same.

To find out more about the challenge and some of the organisations it supports please check out the following links- 

If you would like to get involved and donate then please go to one or more of the following links-

You can also text ICED14 £5 (or £10) to 70070 to make sure your donation is used in Scotland.

No grumpy bunnies were harmed in the making of this comic (Please do not make any rabbits take part in the challenge as they will get a cold)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

"Zugzwang By Zero"

Issue#63: "Zugzwang By Zero"

Beauregarde is a sore loser...  

Notes and References:

Zero and Beauregarde play a game of Chess. Emily Hair mentioned to Zero that Beauregarde was good at Chess in issue#61: "Pookananny Hootenanny".

Beauregarde continues to be able to see Pookas and be heard by Pookas. This connection was first established in issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde".

This is the fourth appearance of the character Nephew Zero who has been appearing for the entire month of August as it is "Pooka-Month".

"Zugzwang" is a situation in Chess where one player is put at a disadvantage by being forced to make a move against their initial strategy. Zugzwang is a German word that means "compulsion to move".

Zero won the Chess game by putting Beauregarde in Zugzwang. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

"Gremlin and Proud" Sunday Special

Sunday Special: "Gremlin and Proud" 

Emily Hair tries to help Bancroft...

Notes and references:

The title is a reference to the real Emily Hair's sort of "catchphrase"- "Mutant and Proud" which itself is a line from X-Men: First Class, a superhero film directed by Matthew Vaughn in 2011.

Emily Hair attempts to cheer Bancroft up by wearing a gremlin suit of her own. Emily Hair's suit is meant to resemble Loaker Banks.

Bancroft is still stuck in his gremlin suit. He has been wearing it since issue#56: "Kathy and the Real Boy".

One of Kathy Dudbert's destroy love heart tree carvings can be seen in the last panel of this Sunday Special Strip.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

"The Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends"

Issue#62: "The Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends"

Barnaby and Loaker inadvertently take Feigenbaum and Zero to the Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends....

Notes and References:

In this issue, Barnaby mentions that his father Mr.Banks used to tell him that all his imaginary friends had gone away to live in the woods. This is similar to the common parental lie about the family dog going to live on the farm (when in reality it has died).

It is worth noting that this is a separate wood to the usual wooded area that the characters are occasionally seen in.

All the faces that Feigenbaum and Zero see in the woods are meant to be slightly similar in appearance to Feigenbaum.

This is the third appearance of Nephew Zero who is appearing in all of the main August strips as part of "Pooka-Month".

Sunday, 17 August 2014

"The Boy In The Barnaby Suit" Sunday Special

Sunday Special: "The Boy In The Barnaby Suit"

Bancroft is mistaken for Barnaby by Aldbug and Cecil...

Notes and References:

Bancroft has been wearing the gremlin suit created by Kathy Dudbert since in issue#56: "Kathy and the Real Boy".

In issue#61: "Pookananny Hootenanny" Bancroft mentions to Barnaby that the suit's zip is stuck and he is now trapped in it.

Aldbug and Cecil Lobings last appeared in issue#50: "Battle of the Barnabys" Part Two which was the penultimate issue of "The Doppleganger Saga". In the saga, The pair of Goblin bullies teamed up with the psychotic Bartleby to destroy Barnaby. They were last seen running away after Bartleby was defeated by the Pooka Feigenbaum.